BETTER Fluid Processing Vacuum Degasser high Efficiency

Mud Gas Separator

To remove the big bubbles ≥Φ3mm from the drilling fluid or H2S gas;

Positioned before shale shaker to adjust the drilling fluid’s gravity and viscosity ratios;

Usually, to combine work with Flare Ignition System to ensure the drilling security and smoothly.

Technical Parameters

Model  ZYQ800          ZYQ1000        ZYQ1200

Treating capacity        200~260m3/h  240~300m3/h  280~360m3/h

Main body       800mm            1000mm          1200mm

Tank wall thickness    10mm  10mm  12mm

Inlet     5"         5"         5"

Outlet  8"         8"         10"

Gas Vent-pipe             8"         8"         8"


Flare Ignition System

To burn out the harmful gas collected from the mud gas separator in the oil& gas drilling field;

To ensure the drilling security and protect the environment;

Electrical power charge or solar energy charge for optional;

The power for the electric can be direct industry power or battery for remote area application

Remote control by PLC is available.

Technical Parameters

Model  DH20/3

Burner(Torch) Nominal Diameter       DN200

Burner Height  3m

Charging Power          100V-240V~50/60hz

Ignition voltage            16KV

Ignition frequency       100~1000 times/minute

Dimension       1710×600×3200mm

Weight 400kg

BETTER Fluid Processing Vacuum Degasser high Efficiency

Remove the small entrained gas bubbles suspended in the drilling fluid by gas separator such as H2S, CO2, and natural gas;

Positioned after shale shaker before hydrocyclones and centrifuge;

As a large agitator for the drilling mud to help desander and desilter’s treatment;

Brand electrical components of ABB, Siemens, and Schneider adopted;

Explosion-proof motor adopted.

Treating capacity 240m3/h - 360m3/h

Main diameter 700-1000mm

Vacuum -0.02~-0.065MPa

Efficiency ≥95%

EX Standard  ExdⅡBT4

Motor Power 15kW-37kw

Vacuum Power 2.2kw-7.5kw

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